Our story

Distributed was founded on the belief that the agency of the future exists in the cloud.

In the past five years we’ve seen our industry begin to transform into a better version of itself:

Digital marketing finally became marketing

Media agencies are now tasked with delivering

We’re more transparent than ever

Ad-blockers went mainstream

And it’s not going to stop.

Silicon valley is eating the world, and the benefit to us all will be an increase in choice and ease of automation.

We will be tasked with doing better, delivering more, being honest, and most importantly, we will be required to care.

When an algorithm takes care of optimising TV ad scheduling, and deep learning identifies our audiences and their preferences for us, what use will we be to our clients beyond becoming aggregators of data sets?

We will care, we’ll care about the future of their company, about their internal team and it’s direction, about the brand and how its perception translates to creative, language, imagery and environment, and we’ll care about the technologies and strategy employed to reach their customers.

At distributed care intensely about the service we provide for our clients, and hope in doing so we’re facilitating the up-scaling and reinvigoration of care into our industry.

We service digital agencies in expensive, hard to find, and emerging skillsets, on a pay as you go basis.

We’re an elastic workforce, which means that we remain a part of our clients’ business, and their team, even when they aren’t paying for our services, allowing us to focus on the two things we care the most about:

  1. Delivering excellent work
  2. Helping our clients’ business grow

This allows our clients to do what they do best, which should be to connect their client’s brand with people.

We ensure that our clients have the technical muscle to take advantage of existing, emerging, and evolving platforms without needing to shoulder the cost of creating new, specialised teams which may only be needed for occasional or project based work on behalf of their clients.

The agency of the future will be staffed by talented people specialised and experienced in delivering meaningful futures for their clients. This agency will be supported and augmented by cost-effective, specialist teams built to deliver excellence in specialisms required to build these futures.

And together we’ll continue to build a better version of our industry, for our clients, their customers, and most importantly, ourselves.



We've been helping creative and media agencies grow since 2012. We know that the right people to help your agency grow are not always found in the same city, or country as your offices.

We help agencies grow by managing the very best teams the world has to offer. Here are some of our existing clients: