Our story


Distributed was founded on the belief that the future of growth exists in the cloud.

Business is digital now, and has matured into a diverse and interconnected ecosystem reliant on an ever growing tech stack that we employ to connect with our customers, and maintain our infrastructure.

Our businesses are expected to be excellent in these areas, from Websites to Apps, Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning, Content, Voice Skills and ChatBots…

There’s now a long list of critical business components in which excellence is necessary for success.

So the questions are:

 How do you deliver excellence without the expense of a team the size of Google, or Amazon?

How can you afford to grow in areas that you’re already great at, and test new areas of opportunity without having to compete for the same, ‘A-player’, hires as Facebook, Uber or Airbnb?

We’ve solved the problem, and the answer is, that the team you need doesn’t need to be in the same postcode as your office, the same city, or even the same country.

Since 2012 we have been designing the future of growth for our clients, we’ve nailed our processes, and infrastructure and have unlocked faster, cheaper, safer growth for the businesses we work with.

We believe your business should be staffed by a team of specialists that are designing meaningful futures for your company and your customers.

We provide your team with a dedicated project manager, which means that we remain a part of your business, and your team, even when you aren’t paying for our services.

We ensure that our clients have the technical muscle to take advantage of existing, emerging, and evolving platforms without needing to shoulder the cost of creating new, specialised teams which may only be needed for occasional or project based work.

The business of the future will be staffed by talented people specialised and experienced in delivering meaningful futures for their company. This business will be supported and augmented by cost-effective, specialist teams built to deliver excellence in specialisms required to build these futures.

And together, we’ll grow.




We've been helping digital businesses grow since 2012. We know that the right people to help your business grow are not always found in the same city, or country as your offices.

We help your company grow by managing the very best teams the world has to offer. Here are some of our existing clients: 

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