Callum Adamson Distributed

Callum Adamson

project director

Callum studied Aeronautical Engineering at Perth UHI before leading teams at BMI, The Digital Property Group and AutoTrader, and was a co-founder of Wits End Digital. He can order a beer in English, German and Japanese.

Distributed was founded on the belief that it is the team that delivers the best work that offers meaningful futures for clients, not the team that’s closest.

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Warren Phillips

Director of Technical Development

Warren has been in the IT industry for over 14 years and has managed hundreds of successful technical builds. Whatever you need, he will find a way to get it done. He can order beer in English, Afrikaans and Zulu.


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Warren Phillips Distributed
Johnathan Romero

Johnathan Romero

Director of Analytics

Johnathan studied the airline industry and worked for a low cost carrier in the North of England before accidentally landing a role in the digital marketing team. 

From then he's gone on to work on some of the UK's biggest brands, helping them grow their business intelligence platforms.  He can order a beer in English, Spanish and French.

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Anthony Shapley

Director of natural discovery

A veteran of the marketing industry, Anthony has been delivering award winning natural discovery strategies and implementations for over eleven years, most notable for the Virgin brand.

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Anthony Shapley
Sam Rowlands

Sam Rowlands

business lead

Sam is already an ad-tech industry veteran having cut his teeth at Centiment in New York, he now heads up our business development team and oversees process and growth for Distributed.

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Lua Cooper

Project lead

Before joining the team Lua was director of The Iron Yard UK and previously headed up Groupon National and Groupon Goods. Here at Distributed Lua ensures that we deliver perfect projects for all our clients.


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